Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

Per the LPBC Constitution and Florida Law, the Executive Committee consists of one Man and Woman (yeah we know the law is not woke) from each precinct in Broward County. They are elected positions, but prior to the annual August elections, those positions can be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee.

The current requirements to be an EC member per the LPBC Constitution are to be registered as a Libertarian voter in Florida, to reside in your precinct and to sign the Loyalty Oath.

Scott NicholsonChairmanA013
James PinkoskyVice ChairmanF007
Michael SolleySecretaryC010
Lou VilladsenTreasurerN003
Dan CardwellQ040
Merceydes MorassiC008
William FowlerE008
Michael SmithN012
Joshua HlavkaY004